Microsoft India for B2B SaaS Startups launches 100x100x100 initiative

Microsoft launched the 100X100X100 program for the B2B SaaS startups initiative in India to encourage new startups. This initiative will bring together 100 committed companies and 100 early and growth startups that have enterprise-ready solutions to offer. Each of the companies will spend over $100K over the course of 19 months on solutions provided by the SaaS startups.

Microsoft’s initiative is aimed at fast-tracking the digital transformation of the startups through SaaS solutions. It will showcase enterprise-grade solutions offered by the startups.

At the same time, it will aim to create a profitable domestic market for the fast-growing Indian B2B SaaS startup segment by increasing its revenue and customer base.

The regular speed-contracting sessions with customers at the Microsoft industry and customer events will also be made available to the startups. More than that, Microsoft India promoted startups that will have direct access to the initiative.

Microsoft India with Startups is helping the startups from all over the country branch out and make them enterprise-ready. Microsoft, in general, is committed to giving the required platforms to entrepreneurs through the cloud platform. By taking an approach built around establishing the partnership, Microsoft helps to guide the startups in every step of its growth.

Microsoft for B2B SaaS Startups 100x100x100 initiative gives access to Microsoft’s Azure marketplace, enterprise sales team, and a rapidly growing partner ecosystem to the early state B2B startups. Taken into consideration all the benefits of the initiative, Microsoft will undoubtedly help the startups to evolve to being enterprise-ready.

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