Market Experts Optimistic About Resilient Economy

Given the resilience of the Indian economy, its equity market and corporate sector is capable of withstanding geopolitical challenges and global uncertainty, and such a “strong footing” is expected to continue into Samvat 2080, according to experts.

“The domestic economy is doing well but (investors) have to be cautious about geopolitical challenges and energy prices. The economy is far more resilient and I expect the strong footing to continue into Samvat 2080,” Hiren Ved, chief executive officer, director and chief investment officer of Alchemy Capital Management, told BQ Prime.

According to Sunil Singhania, founder, Abakkus Asset Manager, the September quarter earnings season has witnessed a slower sales growth, but in terms of operating as well as net profit, it has been 20%-30%.

“There might be a 3%-5% upgrade as far as earnings are concerned… The market, as a whole, is fairly balanced given the GDP growth we are expecting as well as the outlook on corporate profits from a two-three years perspective,” he said.

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