Man Got His Car Into An Accident To Check Crash Detection On iPhone 14

More recently, Apple has launched the iPhone 14 series. Many new features are present in this new phone. If seen, four new iPhones have been launched in this. With the iPhone 14 series, Apple has given two big features, one is crash detection and the other is satellite connectivity. To use this feature, a YouTuber got his car in an accident. The video of this experiment is also going viral on social media. A YouTuber named TechRax created a Mercury Grand Marquis car with a complete remote control setup. After that tied the iPhone 14 Pro in it and got it crashed. The car was fitted with a GoPro camera for recording. This video is going viral on social media.

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In this video you can see how this process is being shot. iPhone 14 Pro passed in crash detection test. Both the times this feature was activated for 20 seconds and the countdown timer was also running. The car has also suffered minor damage in this test. In the second crash, both the airbags of the car were opened. But, do not do such tests even by mistake. This team of experts has tested it under their supervision.

Apple has rolled out crash detection with the iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch and boasts of a better gyroscope, new G-force accelerometer, microphone, barometer, GPS and advanced algorithms. This feature automatically calls the emergency number during a car crash and sends an audio message, although it will be better if you do not try this feature in your car.

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