Mamaearth Accounts For Two-Thirds Of Honasa Revenue: CEO Varun Alagh

“I think we’re very excited about the growth prospects of that brand because that’s a very, very versatile and wide brand,” he said.

Around 40% of the revenue of Mamaearth comes from online, while 60% of its revenue comes from offline. The brand has also increased by “50 basis points in the shampoo and 100 basis points in face washes”, according to Alagh.

Alagh said other brands are growing at a “breakneck pace,” and they see a lot of potential for all of the new brands to grow. He pointed out that the company diversified to include many multiple brands. However, it will continue to stand for “beauty with purpose”.

Explaining the reason for the diversification, he said: “When we launched baby care, at that time consumers only told us that ‘we want such natural, toxin-free products in our face care… in our hair care… why should we not be using those kinds of products?’ So, that gave us that guidance.”

He stressed the need to have aggressive internal quality processes as the journey of Mamaearth started with them wanting to give their children good quality. He said this is an “inherent part of our value system”.

Alagh also said he wants to grow the company into the biggest beauty personal care FMCG and then take it to an international level.

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