Is OpenAI CEO Sam Altman married? Social media abuzz over viral pics

Sam Altman, the chief executive of AI firm OpenAI, has reportedly married his longtime partner, Oliver Mulherin, according to social media posts featuring viral pictures from their ring ceremony.

Sam Altman reportedly married his longtime partner Oliver Mulherin.(X/@heyBarsee)

The pictures depict Altman and Mulherin exchanging rings at a picturesque location. Although these were said to be posted by Mulherin on Instagram, Hindustan Times could not verify them as the account was private.

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The CEO of ChatGPT-maker has kept his relationship with his partner Mulherin away from the media’s focus. However, they were captured together last year attending the US State Dinner organised for Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the country.

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The leader behind the buzzy conversational AI ChatGPT had told New York Magazine that he and his boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin, want to have kids soon.

During the workweek, Altman and Mulherin live together in a house on Russian Hill in the city of San Francisco. On the weekends, they reside in a 25-year-old remodelled house on a private ranch in Napa, California, where Altman, a vegetarian, raises cows, reported Business Insider.

As a computing and software systems student at the University of Melbourne, Altman’s partner worked on AI projects related to language detection and games.

Before Mulherin, Altman was last known to be dating Nick Sivo; they were together for nine years, Altman told. Altman and his now ex-boyfriend built a start-up called Loopt, a geolocation software for friends, as reported by New York Magazine.

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This development follows Sam Altman’s recent journey through possibly one of the most challenging periods of his career. The co-founder and CEO faced board termination, resulting in two interim CEOs within a week before Altman was ultimately reinstated.

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