Iphone’s new iOS update causing connectivity issues, technical glitches?

Keeping up with its latest technological advancements, Apple recently rolled out the new iOS 17.2.1 software update for all recent iPhone models. While the update was aimed at “important bug fixes”, the transition didn’t go smoothly for iPhone users.

Many iPhone users have been facing technical glitches after the new iOS update.(REUTERS)

iPhone users started experiencing many technical glitches after the iOS 17.2.1 update, prompting Apple to issue a release in certain countries. Apple had said in a press release in Japan and China that the update was aimed at fixing a bug in iPhones which is draining batteries fast.

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However, a report by BGR said that the complaints from iPhone users who updated to the new iOS have increased exponentially, mostly focused on problems regarding connecting to the cellular network of their provider.

iPhone’s new OS causing connectivity problems

The new software update of iOS 17.2.1 is causing major technical glitches for iPhone users, with many not able to connect to their cellular network, reported BGR. As per the report, iPhone users posted their complaints regarding the same on Apple’s Support Community Discussions platform.

One Apple user wrote on the platform, “After updating my iPhone last night to 17.2.1, I can no longer connect to my network provider. Tried the resets and still does not work! Very frustrating. Trusted Apple and iPhone for years, not so sure.”

Apart from this, some iPhone users who updated their devices to the new operating software are also experiencing “thermal issues”, with their iPhones overheating more frequently now.

How can iPhone users fix these issues?

Some workarounds and temporary solutions to the issue were posted on the group Apple’s Support Community Discussions to assist iPhone users. One of the most common solutions was to factory reset the device after backing up the data.

Some users also suggested that those facing technical glitches install the iOS 17.3 beta version. Installing this new software update has high chances of reducing the frequency of these technical glitches.

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