High-starch fruits like cilantro, bananas, and chikoo can be harmful. Harmful fruits like cilantro, banana and chicoo with high starch

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Type-2 diabetes is also rapidly taking hold of Indian children. An article on diabetes was published in the August 4 issue of Dainik NewsBust India. After which readers have asked a large number of questions related to it. Answering these questions is given by Total Diabetes Hormone Institute, Indore. Diabetes and Hormone Specialist Dr. Sunil M. Jain,

What habits should be included in eating after the age of 45, so that diabetes does not occur?
Increase the amount of fiber foods in your diet. For this, include green vegetables and salad in the diet. Limit the intake of sugar or jaggery to 40 grams per day. Avoid consumption of heavy food. If you are overweight, reduce the weight by reducing the amount of food.
When I drink water, urine starts coming after 5 minutes, what is this can also be a symptom of sugar?
If urine is coming frequently then it can be a symptom of sugar. Water has nothing to do with it.
I am getting dark red marks and small warts on my neck, tiredness and blurred vision. Sugar fasting is 152, what should I do?
Scars on the neck are a sign of a decrease in the activity of insulin hormone. Sugar fasting 152 means that you have diabetes. You should exercise 45 minutes daily as a regular exercise. Also eat a balanced diet. Lose weight by about 10 percent. Contact the doctor and use the necessary medicine.
Can diabetes be controlled without medication, if yes, how?
Diabetes can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Reduce the intake of starchy foods like rice, potatoes etc. in your diet. Also, increase the amount of protein and fiber foods. If the sugar is still high after all this, then feel free to start taking the medicine.
Sugar fasting is 120 to 130, is medicine needed in this too?
If fasting sugar is more than 126 then it means diabetes. Now do a 2 hour post-meal test and HbA1c test. If sugar is also high in these tests, then adopt a healthy lifestyle. If there is obesity, the parents also have diabetes, then the help of medicines should also be taken.
My Hba1c is 6.5. Fasting glucose remains between 110 and 130 to 140 after a meal. Do I need to take medicine, if yes, which one?
It is important for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If your glucose levels remain this way, it can be managed without medication.
If the sugar is above 200, is it necessary to take medicine or can it be cured with exercise and yoga?
Exercise and yoga have been considered essential for all diabetic patients, but if sugar is high despite all efforts, then medicines should be taken.
Does diabetes have to be taken continuously or can it be stopped if it is controlled?
It is better to keep taking the medicine as per the doctor’s advice. If the sugar is under control, it means that the treatment is effective. Discontinuation of treatment may result in increased sugar. There are a variety of medicines as well, some that help maintain the pancreas’s ability to make insulin.
Due to normal diet with medicine and brisk walk, my sugar used to be normal, but since last one year I have started smoking then it is going above 200. Is it because of smoking?
Smoking can affect sugar. Also control can deteriorate with the passage of time. Smoking increases the risk of heart attack three times in diabetic patients. Therefore smoking should not be done.
Sugar had increased during pregnancy, but did not take medicine. Will it go back to normal on its own or does medication need to be taken?
Diet control is preferred for sugar control during pregnancy. Despite this, if the sugar is high, then it is more harmful for the unborn baby than you. It is better to consult a doctor and start proper treatment.
I have been taking insulin for eight years, should I continue or take pills instead.
If insulin is necessary, continue it. In most patients, even after taking the tablet, due to lack of insulin, the sugar remains high, so insulin is started.
Does taking diabetes medicines continuously cause any side effects on kidney or prostate.
In diabetes, due to excess of sugar on the kidney, there is a side effect. Diabetes is the main cause of kidney failure in the country. Diabetes medicine does not cause any damage to the prostate or kidneys, but many medicines are not considered safe if the kidney is damaged. Insulin is considered the safest treatment for most of these patients.
Are warts on the neck and sides of children a sign of diabetes?
This is a sign of decreased insulin activity. These children have a higher risk of diabetes in the future.
When you wake up in the morning and climb the stairs, there is a stretch in the veins of the legs. Are these symptoms of diabetes?
Diabetes can have a variety of symptoms. If there is a problem of strain in the feet, then sugar should be tested.
Which fruits should not be eaten if you have sugar?
Fruits with high starch like banana, chikoo, cilantro, etc. should not be consumed.
What to do if there is no sugar?
Keep your weight close to normal. Do regular exercise and yoga. Eat a balanced diet. Avoid the consumption of diet made with more jaggery and sugar.
I have diabetes for the last 6 years. Diabetes remains around control (90,140). On the advice of Dr. one tablet is to be taken regularly in the morning before meals. Diabetes increases due to never taking the pill. Can I control my diabetes without taking pills? This disease will not happen to my children.
If the sugar rises immediately after missing the tablet, then it means that your insulin level is decreasing. Therefore, pay attention to both medicine and healthy lifestyle. Inculcate healthy lifestyle habits in children from now on. Save them from obesity.
What should be the sugar level for a normal person after fasting and eating.
Normally: Sugar is less than 100 on an empty stomach and less than 140 after 2 hours of a meal
How do diabetes medicines work in tablet form? Does it make insulin in the body? How are they different from insulin injections?
There are many types of medicines for diabetes. It is a type of drug that controls sugar by releasing insulin. In modern medical science, most drugs now activate insulin. Medicines can control sugar as long as the body has the ability to make insulin. In many patients after 10 to 20 years of diabetes, the time comes when the insulin in the body has to be supplied from outside.
I am 34 years old. I am suffering from hypertension since last three years and am taking medicines. My weight is 102 kg. Could I have diabetes?
If there is obesity and also high blood pressure then the risk of diabetes increases. It would be better to reduce your weight by 10 percent.

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