For the first time in France, the infection spread from human to dog, the rash emerged on the body after sleeping with the patient. Monkeypox Human To Dog Transmission In France | Monkeypox Oubreak

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The cases of monkeypox are increasing rapidly around the world. Meanwhile, a shocking news has come from France. Here the transmission of the virus from human to pet dog has been confirmed. This is the first case of human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox in the world.

Monkeypox spread from two patients to dog
This case study has been published in the Lancet journal. According to researchers from the Sorbonne University in Paris, monkeypox was confirmed in two men. Both of them have sex with men. Of these, a 44-year-old person is HIV positive, while the other person is 27 years old and HIV negative.

12 days after both men tested positive for monkeypox, their Italian Greyhound dog was also tested. The 4-year-old dog had never had any such disease before, yet his test result came back positive.

dog-like symptoms

The Italian Greyhound is a breed of dog infected with monkeypox patients.

The Italian Greyhound is a breed of dog infected with monkeypox patients.

Both males live with each other and have sex with other males. He developed pus-filled rash in the private parts, which is the main symptom of this disease. The HIV positive person also got a rash on the face, ears and feet. Both the patients had fever, weakness and headache for 4 days.

This symptom was also seen in the dog sleeping with him every day. He also developed pus-filled red rash in the lower abdomen and private part.

Till now the virus was found only in wild animals

In the study, researchers examined samples from the dog and its owners. The genealogy of the virus’s DNA turned out to be B.1, which has been spreading in European countries and America since April. Significantly, even in African countries, the virus is found only in animals such as wild rats, squirrels and monkeys. The virus has never been found before in pets such as dogs and cats.

Experts say that to save pets from monkeypox, it is necessary to isolate them from patients. By not doing so, we are also putting them at risk of infection.

Cases in the world cross 37,000

According to data from, so far 37,369 patients have been confirmed in 94 countries. Britain, Spain, America, Germany, France, Portugal, Canada, Netherlands, Italy and Brazil are among the top 10 countries affected by the disease.

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