Food contamination at Karnataka hostel: Report finds e-coli bacteria in food served to students-

Food contamination at Karnataka hostel | (Pic: EdexLive)

On August 16, many students fell ill after taking food in the K Raghuttahalli Government Pre-matric Boys Hostel in Chinthamani. All the students were hospitalised triggering panic among parents who stated a protest and demanded a detailed inquiry.

In a shocking development, the lab report of the food which was served to the students found e-coli bacteria, stated a report in The New Indian Express.

Deputy Commissioner PN Ravindra said action has been taken against the deputy director and the warden by transferring them immediately. The cooks were also terminated from services.

Meanwhile, Opposition leader R Ashoka condemned the state government stating that the report came in August last year but the government has not taken any action on it.

On the instruction of the concerned officials, the food and safety officer collected the sample of cooked sambar and sent it to the laboratory in a sealed cover for analysis.

The reports read that the sample was in a condition fit for analysis. It was tested between August 18, 2023 and August 28, 2023. E-coli was detected indicating fecal contamination and staphylococcus aureus besides yeast and mould count. Overall, the report said the food was unhygienic.

Dalit leaders who met Deputy Commissioner Ravindra appealed to him to take action against the persons who involved in the incident.

A source said all is not well within the faculty of the hostel which led to the incident. Meanwhile, the DC instructed officials of the social welfare department to visit all the hostels regularly and to submit a report.


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