7 ways to free up storage in your iPhone

While iPhone is one of the most expensive phone series in the world, many Apple users struggle with one common issue, no matter the model of their phone. This issue is the non-expandable storage of iPhones, which often leads to the phone hanging and crashing.

Here is you you can maintain the storage of your iPhone (Reuters)(REUTERS)

If you are struggling to maintain the storage of your iPhone and keep your phone decluttered, here are some tips that you can follow in the future. These tips can help you increase the performance of your phone.

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How to save storage on iPhone

Storage backup for photos, videos

If you own an iPhone, media files are expected to take up most of your space. In this case, keep a backup of your photos and videos on cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox for the safekeeping of your media.

Use ‘Offload App’ feature

iPhone users can take advantage of the ‘Offload App’ feature, which can help you retain necessary data from an app while also freeing up space in your phone. This can be done through Settings – iPhone Storage – App name – Offload App.

Auto-delete old messages

Text messages and SMS are usually left unread in iPhones, taking up a lot of space. One can set up the automatic deletion of messages on the iPhone, setting a time frame of 30 days, one year, or forever.

Optimise photo storage

Open Settings, go to Photos and click on Optimise Storage option, which can help you automatically save full resolution images to Cloud storage, saving space in your phone.

Clear browser cache

Clearing the browser cache on your device can help speed up your browser as well as your phone performance. Be sure to clear cashed images and files as well, to make sure storage remains free in your phone.

Auto-download in iPhones

Many apps automatically download media from chats, cluttering your storage. Turning off auto-download gives you the choice of images you want to keep in your storage, not downloading unnecessary files.

Regular iOS updates

The key keeping the storage clear and the phone functioning smooth is to regularly update all the apps and install all recent iOS updates, that help in enhancing the features of the phone.

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