35 people infected so far; Liver, kidney failure from serious disease China Langya Henipavirus Outbreak Update; 35 Cases Found In Eastern China

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After getting the corona virus in China about three years ago, now another virus has been found here. Its name is Langya Henipavirus. Due to this, 35 people have been found infected in Shandong and Henan provinces of China. It is being said that this virus is related to Hendra and Nipah virus. Let us know the information received so far about Langya Henipavirus …

Virus dangerous for liver, kidney

The virus was first detected in routine checkups of people who had recently come into contact with animals and had a fever. After the virus is confirmed, other people who came in contact are also being investigated.

According to the report of Science Alert, the symptoms of this virus include fever, cough, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pain, headache and nausea. Pneumonia and abnormalities in liver and kidney function were also observed in critically ill people. There have been no reports of death of the patients.

where it spreadLangya Henipavirus?

Out of 25 wild animal species, this virus has been identified in the wild mussel.

Out of 25 wild animal species, this virus has been identified in the wild mussel.

The Taiwan Center for Disease Control has done a study on Langya henipavirus. According to researchers, after examining domestic animals, 2% of the virus cases have been found in goats and 5% in dogs. At the same time, out of 25 wild animal species, this virus was identified in the wild mole. Experts believe that due to this there is a possibility of spreading the virus to humans.

Link to Nipah and Hendra virus

Langya henipavirus is said to be related to Hendra and Nipah virus. Both these viruses spread to humans. Hendra virus was first detected in Queensland in 1994. At that time, 14 horses and their trainer died of the infection. So far more than 100 horses and many people have lost their lives.

Nipah virus has spread more than Hendra worldwide. It has had many outbreaks in Bangladesh. Its first outbreaks occurred in Malaysia and Singapore among people who had been in contact with pigs. It spreads from person to person. Nipah virus has proved to be fatal in India too. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), patients die in 40-75% of cases.

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